How To Write A Business Plan: Part 2 "The Company Description"

Ok, after the executive summary, this is probably the most important part of the business plan.  This tells your reader exactly how you are, where you are located and what products or services you provide.  More detail below the video. 

How To Write A Business Plan: Part 2 "The Company Description":

The company description generally includes:
  • Company name – The official name of your business as registered in the state where you do business.
  • Type of business structure – Sole proprietorship, LLC, partnership or corporation.
  • Ownership/management team – Names of the key people behind the company.
  • Location – Where is the company headquartered.
  • Company history – When was the business started, what inspired you to start the business, what need does your company fulfill?
  • Mission statement – A clear statement that represents the purpose of your company.
  • Products/services and target market – A brief overview of what you plan to sell and to whom.
  • Objectives - An outline of what you want to accomplish in the immediate future based on the data in the rest of the business plan as well future growth goals.
  • Vision statement – A statement about how you envision the future of the company.
These sections can all be given a bold heading within the Company Description page(s) and a short brief outline of each section should be written.  The company history can include growth highlights or benchmarks met to-date.  You want to describe accurately exactly what products and services you are trying to sell to the consumers.  Some business plan writers add the "competitive advantage" to this section stating why their company has an advantage over the competition.  This is ok or it can be added in the marketing section of the business plan. 

Pro Tip:  Most people that step out on their own to develop their business plan end up with a mediocre product due to writers block.  They just can't seem to put more words on the page to describe their business or sometimes they can't even start.  Start this section by putting short sentences or even incomplete sentences under each heading stated above.  Then go back and add another sentence or strengthen the point you are trying to get across.  Bullet points are acceptable when outlining services or products for sale.  If your product is unique this is where you want to highlight why it is unique and advantageous to the customer. 

We are moving along with our basic outline of a standard business plan which has the following sections:
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