How To Write A Business Plan: Part 7 "The Finacial Projections"

Welcome back to part 7 of how to write your own business plan.  In this section we talk about the "financial projections" section of the business plan.  We are following along with our basic outline of a standard business plan which has the following sections:
  1. Cover Page
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Company Description
  4. SWOT Analysis
  5. Market Research & Industry Analysis
  6. The Marketing Plan
  7. Management Summary & Organization Plan
  8. Financial Projections (our current section)
  9. Conclusion
The financial projections generally include the following sections:
  • Use of Proceeds: How your company will use the initial finds in the bank account before the business actually launches.
  • Assumptions: What assumptions are you making when forecasting your financials. (i.e. "there are 1,000 potential customers and we believe our marketing budget can convert at least 100 customers at $100 per person per sale).
  • Forecasted Revenues: How much you expect the company to make.
  • Forecasted Expenses: How much you expect the company to spend to make the money projected in the forecasted revenues. 
These sections are generally showcased as cash flow statements, balance sheets and income statements. 

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