How to Increase Conversion Rate on Subscription Websites, Service Websites, Blogs, and Ecommerce Platforms

If you have an established websites and are already gaining traffic and momentum online (If you need help, Check out our 5 Tips on increasing traffic to your website), you may be wondering how you can increase your conversion rate. Conversion rate is the measure of your number of goal achievements divided by amounts of visits. In other words its how many times you got your visitors to do what you wanted them to do on your website divided by how many visits you got.

For example if you are a newsletter website or blog, then you would probably want people to subscribe to your newsletter. If 100 people visited your site and 50 of them signed up for your newsletter you have a 50 percent conversion rate. If your website or e-commerce platform sells shoes and 100 people visit the sites, and 75 buy shoes you have a 75 percent conversion rate.

How do you increase a conversion rate?

Increasing your conversion rate is a mix of targeting incoming traffic and optimizing your website for conversion.

1. Targeting your inbound traffic for conversion.

Regardless of whether you are using organic SEO methods or paying for advertisements, you must make sure you are targeting the right traffic. There is a big difference when somebody types in the words "cowboy boots" and "cowboy boots for sale" the latter is optimized for the conversion of sales on e-commerce website. You have to ask yourself some tough questions. Where is my traffic coming from? Is it viable traffic? Is it traffic interested in the product I am offering? If you are trying organic SEO methods, a good idea would be to place a article or link on a blog or website that is targeted with your customers. If you are paying for advertisements on Google AdWords, Bing or Yahoo, or even Facebook..... It's all about the keywords and the filters you set. When advertising online and paying for it, the filters are a key element to success. If you can target your customers more effectively by excluding a certain Geographic or even Sex based demographic, you will have a better chance of success in converting your visitors to sales.

2. Optimizing your website for conversion.

Take a look at the website you land on when you type in your URL. Leave aside for a moment that you have  wonderful products or a great reason for someone to subscribe. Does your site make you want to take action?

The key to optimizing your website for conversion is to be strategic. Every button available on the website to be clicked, should eventually lead the visitor to converting whatever it is you are trying to offer.  Get rid of links or clickable buttons that do not lead your customer to your eventual goal; whether it be to subscribe to an email list or buy a product.  This probably includes minimizing the amount of content on your website front page and pointing it directly to your objective. It also includes "calls to action" in the form of text links, banner ads and videos.

In Short

True conversion should only have one measurable.  Your objective!!  If you have an ecommerce site, and you take action to increase conversion, and don't make any more sales than before you took action....IT DIDN'T WORK! Duh! The only thing you should be measuring on your ecommerce sites are revenues.  Conversion should be focused on increasing your revenues, of course by measuring the amount of visitors that are actually buying.

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