5 Tips to Increase Traffic and Make Your Website SEO Friendly

SEO is easy when you can envision your goals and timeline.  Above is an info-graphic outlining the order of operations to make a website SEO-Friendly. While which operation comes first is debatable, all are important to ensuring the Search Engines rank and send people to your website.  Making a website rank higher in search engines is very similar to writing a best selling book.  Why are readers flocking to buy and read your book (website)?  The answer is simple:

  1. Your website is producing and publishing Quality Content that Visitors Value.  If you are a recipe blog, then the visitors of your website will be interested in recipes.  This is what they are looking for.  And moreover, the users will want unique recipes, not a recipe that they already have.  The users or visitors of your website should desire/demand the articles, info-graphics, or content your website publishes.  They should want to like it, share it, tweet it and print it out to show their friends.  
  2. Your website is easy to use, understand, and surf.  Your design and content on the website should allow a visitor to accomplish what they came to the website for.  Your design and usability will correspond with how much return you get on your website.  
  3. You website is easily searched by Search Engine Spiders and Bots and THERE IS NO DUPLICATION.  Google or Yahoo do not have a team of thousands checking websites for keywords or content.  Rather they have a software system (often referred to as "Bots" or "Spiders") that crawl the Internet in search of data.  You can build them a web (site map) to assure that they are able to index your website after they crawl it.  Your website being in order on a site map will index the pages on major search engines.  And every page should be original with no duplication.  After all, would you like it if you were reading a book and chapter 3 and chapter 9 were exactly the same? No! And Search Engines do not like when you repeat either!
  4. Your websites' pages are easy to find. If you have 100 pages on your website, they are probably not all on the front page.  But your visitors should be able to reach any page within a few links.  Make it easy to reach deep webpages in as little amount of clicks as possible.
  5. Your websites' keywords are targeted and well researched.  Know what keywords people are searching.  There is a big difference in targeting the keywords "recipes online". "recipes for sale", and "free recipes", all of which will yield a totally different visitor to your website with contradicting intentions.  Choose the keywords that a generating the traffic you want, not just generating traffic.  Within your website, make sure to use these keywords often, but only where it males sense.  
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Author: Nicholas Coriano

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