How Do I Create a Cost Effective Online Presence? 2 Rules to Succeeding in Social Media & SEO

Creating a cost effective online presence is easy, not going broke while you are doing it is the hard part.  Whether you are a small business, entrepreneur  artist, blogger, or professional, you stand to benefit greatly from creating a cost effective marketing strategy online.  Below are 10 Rules to Guide you in your journey through creating a cost effective Online Presence, higher rankings via SEO, and dominating the Social Media space.

Most everything you need on the Internet you can get for free!!  Yes, here at we don't only sell our SEO and Internet Marketing services, we also tell you how it is!  How much time do you have and what is it worth.  If you have a $10,000 budget and time is of the essence, you may want to outsource things you can get for free; ie the creation of a blog or website, or posting updates on your Facebook or twitter.  Never the less, research research many online marketing newbies empty their pockets clicking on E-books, and quick fix hacks instead of taking the time to learn.

If you have been online trying to create a self image or company profile, and haven't by now, get mad and do something about it!  You need four tools online and you probably already have a few:
  • A Website or a Blog
  • A Facebook Page
  • A Twitter Page
  • Unique Quality Original Constant CONTENT!!!
The toughest part here is as simple as sending an email.  Your Twitter Profile and Facebook Page should be updated regularly with photos on your business, article links (pertaining to your business), and quotes (pertaining to your business).  Stay on topic, people will follow you or like your page because of "Unique Quality Original Constant CONTENT!!!".  Your website or blog can be started on Blogger or Wordpress.  The only upgrade you should spend money for is a Domain Name.  This should run you between $10 to $20 if you buy them directly with Blogger or Wordpress.  Once you website is up, make sure each page from the "About US" page to your "Product Pages" is filled with "Unique Quality Original CONTENT!!!" and when you blog, stay on topic to your industry and make sure each blog post you write has "Unique Quality Original Constant CONTENT!!!" ......are you getting the idea?  

Search Engines love unique, quality, and frequently updated material.  Why would anyone want to go to your blog if it has the same information another website has and has had for years?  You wouldn't and neither does the search engine.  Avoid the temptation to cut and paste and the Search Engine Gods will thank you by sending Constant traffic to your website.  Blog on a schedule (made easier with Blogger and WordPress because you can time when you publish your post) and watch how people interested in your topic will frequent your Internet Site.  So if you remember one thing on how to Increase your Online Presence it should be: "Unique Quality Original CONTENT!!!"

Note: Why Facebook and Twitter??  Twitter is set up so the post, or links, or tweets are visible to search engines.  Facebook is as well, but when someone shares something on their personal page on Facebook, the search engines do not read them because they are generally private.  In short, Twitter will get you in search engines, but you need Facebook because the majority of the world today is actively interacting with that Social Media platform.

If you run a small business or represent the marketing efforts of firm without an online presence, you are missing out on the biggest opportunity in media since the invention of the radio wave!  As mentioned above, strong online marketing and effective social media campaigns and not costly, but time consuming.  Small Businesses benefit from an online presence only if the traffic generated turns to leads.  The link will show you how to do that!  The reality is for pennies on the dollar not only can you get your small business in front of million world-wide, but the image you build for your company is priceless.  The first thing anyone does to research a firm or person is type the name on the Internet.  Remember, owning your own online presence will allow you to be perceived however your wish.  As an author friend tells us here at "History will be kind to me for I intend to write it."

Hope this was helpful,

The PushYourRank Team
Author: Nicholas Coriano

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