A Crucial Step in Running a Service Business!

In this video I figured I would share with you guys my sales funnel process. This process has allowed me to close hundreds of clients. The video is really meant to give you my 15 minute routine on how I close clients that call me from one of my advertisements online. The first minute is niceties. This is introductions and small talk. The next three minutes you allow the person who called you to speak. This is for two reasons. One it makes them comfortable until you find out what the problem is they are having. At this point you are at the 5-minute mark. This is when I always say, I can absolutely help you with that. After that I describe my service process. This includes my prices, my timeline, when I will deliver the work and when we will have consultations. After I describe my process and how much the cost are, strategically because I want the cost buried in the middle of the conversation, I move on to my credibility. This is where I explain why I'm the right guy for the job. This includes me telling them that I've written over 300 business plans and etc etc., that I worked on Wall Street, that I graduated law school and business school etc etc. Then I go in for the close. This is when I tell them how they will send me the money or how I will receive the money. If you follow this process, I'm sure it will help you close more clients. I hope this is helpful. If you have any tips comments or suggestions, leave them below. -Nick
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