Stop Focusing on the Money, Start Focusing on your goals.

I believe that most people, including myself, put unnecessary barriers in front of their goals and aspirations. Usually it's money. I have tricked myself into constantly thinking about the goal as opposed to how much money is takes to make the goal happen. I don't price expensive estates in the woods, I price the land and the construction cost and I go talk to the owner to see if I can work out a deal. I don't focus on the money, I focus on the goal. Similarly, when I travel, I never focus on how much it's going to cost to get somewhere. I just remember that I have to eat, I need somewhere warm to sleep, and I need to be able to shower and bathe. Where and when I do these things, I keep flexible. I'm focused on my goal, travel. Not the money it takes to travel. Do you get it? Comment below. -Nick

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