Sealing the Deal with a Potential Customer

I had a client call me last night who had already started his business. He had put up three Billboards in his local area and he was getting customers. But, about 15 times a week you would receive an email. The email would say, what are your prices? The prices were on his website but they were not clearly seen. When you are optimizing your business processes, these are the series of steps that it takes for you to make a profit, you want to make sure you have your prices, the description of your services, and how to transact. This means how are they going to pay. When people come to your website from a warm lead, for example a billboard, they already know they want your service. This is why they came to your website. Now that they're on your website all they want to know is the material information. This includes when, what, where, why, how and the price. So, if you're doing a lot of advertising and you are getting people to your website or to call you, make sure you clearly State how much are prices are, exactly what your service is or product, and how they can buy it. How they can buy it is the most important part after they know all the information they need to make an educated purchase. To make an educated purchase they need to know the price and exactly what they are getting. And then they need to know how to buy it. Don't overthink it, put yourself in the position of your customer. What would you want to know.

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