My Clients Thriving in the Business World

This past week I went on a tour to visit a few business with the past clients of mine. The first on my list was a nurse's office, founded by Miss Williams, a nurse practitioner. The nurse's office started as an idea like all businesses. When the founder came to me, she simply had an idea and a little logo she made. We flushed out her idea and over a year later her business has grown and more importantly successfully started. I put together a business plan for her that outlined her company's products and services, market research and Industry analysis, the human resources plan, the marketing plan, and the financial projections. This founder was incredibly smart and did not let her ego get in the way one founding this business. She knew her strengths and knew what she could not do and for everything that she could not do she found somebody. Big shout out to her and her team at the nurse's office in Colchester Connecticut. Give them a visit if you are in the area.

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