Don't Stop Moving. Keep Working Hard Even During Success.

Most people celebrate too early and too often. There are two messages I want to get across in this video. One is that when you get paid, you should go right back to work. As an entrepreneur deals often come in a variety of forms, at different times, or maybe they even come in consistently. That doesn't matter. What matters is the mindset you have when you are receiving money. When you're receiving money, there's a false sense of security because your pockets seem full and you can afford your meals and overhead. But it is only when you keep your foot on the throttle, you keep hustling, you keep grinding, you keep moving forward, that your life and your business will truly stay blessed. When you close a big deal, so what? Close another one! No one goes down as the best that ever did it by doing it once, or twice for that matter. Become a guru in your field. When you win, seek to win again, seek to go down as the greatest that ever did it. Get back on your horse, get back on those cold calls, get back to servicing clients, but do not spend time celebrating what is supposed to be your job. Now I'm not talking about close the biggest deal of your life and you're going to take a few days off. I'm talking about you are in the business of selling houses, and you sell a house, and you throw a huge party. From my perspective, I'm like come on man, that's your job! Get back to work! Now don't get me wrong it's not the celebration it's the time away from the actual work. My second message is that you should work Saturdays. One extra day a a week equals to 52 days a year. If you work every Saturday you are up 52 days against the competition every year. Over the course of 2 years you are up more than a hundred days in the competition that's over 3 months. Hope this helps.

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