Finding Someone to Sponsor Your Reality Show

The internet has turned the content world upside down. Before major record labels and television Production Studios spent millions of dollars in production of content. Now, there's millions of hours of content floating around the internet just waiting to be plucked by a major company for Mass distribution, co-branding, or other methods of Monetization. The days of pitching your idea or demo for a major deal are long gone. Now major record labels go to the internet and see what already has traction and invest in those artists. Television stations are more often than not now looking for influences who already have klout to build shows around or already established YouTube channels with a system and production team to turn into a full show. Thus, now you must Put out the content. And eventually, a major deal will come your way. And even if it doesn't come your way, the traffic and eyeballs will and you will figure out how to monetize it after that. But trust me, if enough eyeballs get to your content, the deals will come.

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