What Exactly Is The Dow Jones? The Dow? The Dow 30: An Entrepreneur's Journey pt 46

In the next few series of videos I seek to explain and document how to read a stock ticker.  More specifically how to read Google's Finance Page and How To Read Stocks..

If you click this link https://www.google.com/finance you will see the "Dow Jones" list on the right.  When you hear on TV or online that "the Dow was up today" or "the Dow was down today" ....this is simply saying that a group of 30 stocks, the Dow 30, had it price - on average - go up or down.  It is used as an indicartion of how the total market is doing.  It is not the "total market", far from it.  There are thousands of public companies; the Dow Jones aka the Dow 30 aka the Dow is the price of buying an equal share in all 30 companies at one time.  Let me explain..
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