Posting Rapid Micro Content & Benefits of Regurgitating Content : An Entrepreneur's Journey pt 17

In this video I explain the benefits of two things: Posting Micro Content & Reusing Content.  In short the benefits of each include:

Posting Micro Content:
  • You don't need long post to stay in front of your consumers.  Twitter, Facebook and even blog post like this are short and sweet and do the job.  You don't have to write a book every time or film a movie, in fact internet users prefer shorter content. 
Reusing Content
  • Many entrepreneurs and social media marketers are producing content and releasing it and then...that's it.  Here are a few ways you can reuse content (1) see the video below, I published on YouTube and then again here on this blog (2) see this post to see how I reused some tweets from twitter on another blog
Now that you have a clue....let me explain:

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