Keep Other Entrepreneurs Around You To Help Energize Your Vision : An Entrepreneur's Journey pt 8

Here I stopped by my cousin's business ...he runs a baseball training facility in Connecticut...and he is super motivated and eager to learn like me.  I use him to motivate me and he uses me to motivate him. 

What You Need to Learn From This Video:  Keep motivated and entrepreneurial people around you!!!  If you are surrounded by a bunch of people that don't think anything is possible or are negative about any and every idea you will never grow as an entrepreneur or even as a person. 

You can see all of my videos on PushYourRank's YouTube Channel as soon as I post them.  I repost the videos here to give you more context into what I was thinking and maybe what I was going through that day that might be relevant.  Again my goal with these videos is to document what I have learned from entrepreneurship.