Do You Need a College Education To Be An Entrepreneur? : An Entrepreneur's Journey pt 21

What I didn't mention in this video is what made me go to school.  I, like many entrepreneurs, want to make a lot of money.  If you look at the top 500 CEOs or self made billionaires you will find most of them went to college.  I am a numbers guy...why gamble with your future...if you can (and you can) go to school.  It will give you a boost and at the very least never stop learning.  Let me explain:

You can see all of my videos on PushYourRank's YouTube Channel as soon as I post them.  I repost the videos here to give you more context into what I was thinking and maybe what I was going through that day that might be relevant.  Again my goal with these videos is to document what I have learned from entrepreneurship.