If You Don't Test Technology You Will Fall Behind : An Entrepreneur's Journey pt 4

This was my fourth video...shot in the same night as video's 1-3 and although the quality was low ...my point throughout the 4 videos was that getting started is the most important step.  It doesn't need to look perfect ...it just needs to get done. 
In this video since I was still trying to figure out how to play with videos on YouTube and I wanted to learn how to edit and add things in videos...I went through my phone and found an app that allows you to cut videos into sections and add credits at the end of the video.  The purpose was to show you that technology has many of the answers you are looking for in the form of an app or website/software.  You have to test technology, after all, a simple hammer instead of a rock to put in nails was the reason we moved out of caves as humans. 

You can see all of my videos on PushYourRank's YouTube Channel as soon as I post them.  I repost the videos here to give you more context into what I was thinking and maybe what I was going through that day that might be relevant.  Again my goal with these videos is to document what I have learned from entrepreneurship.