How To Get Millionaire & Billionaire Mentors to Coach You : An Entrepreneur's Journey Pt 3

In this video post which was rapidly done and poorly shot I documented the best way I know how to get smart, genius ---billionaire and millionaire mentors.  The concept is simple...there are tons of millionaires and billionaires in videos on youtube, giving speeches or some that have written books.  Seek out these mentors and listen to them, read what they write and if they have social media accounts - follow them.  If they are dead, there is probably a documentary or auto-biography that you can read or watch. 

The point of this quick video is that you do not need to personally know the mentor you seek...most of the best mentors have there story documented it out and listen!  Watch there moves...

You can see all of my videos on PushYourRank's YouTube Channel as soon as I post them.  I repost the videos here to give you more context into what I was thinking and maybe what I was going through that day that might be relevant.  Again my goal with these videos is to document what I have learned from entrepreneurship.