Having a Motivated Monday and Eliminating Negative Energy : An Entrepreneur's Journey pt 6

Monday is my day!!  I rock Mondays and Monday doesn't even see it coming.  This started a while back after hearing someone complain about Monday....they said "I wish it was the weekend!"

I thought to myself if you don't like Monday and you can't wait until the weekend ...that must mean you don't like the week (or work week).  That's 5 out of 7 days of the week when that person was miserable.  That's 5 months out of 7 months or 5 years out of 7 years of your life!!!!  Keep those people away from you and if you can't keep them away infect them with positivity and motivation; it contagious. 

You can see all of my videos on PushYourRank's YouTube Channel as soon as I post them.  I repost the videos here to give you more context into what I was thinking and maybe what I was going through that day that might be relevant.  Again my goal with these videos is to document what I have learned from entrepreneurship.