How Do I Schedule Automatic Timed Emails on Gmail? (Sending Timed Emails from Gmail)

The simple answer to send timed/automatic emails is simply install Gmail-Delay-Send!  But if you don't know exactly how to do this, here are step-by-step instructions and some other helpful information:

Why was Gmail Delay Send created?
One of the top 10 requested features in Gmail is the ability to schedule sending of messages, and with the release of the Google App Scripts API it was finally possible to implement.

What does it do?
The project allows you to setup a system to create emails and schedule them to be sent at a certain time. You can compose them on any platform (eg. mobile/computer) and the only extra work is to apply a label and specify the time in which to send the mail.

Demo of installation and trial run:

How do I install?
Follow the steps outlined here. There is a one time setup required, but after that you won't need to configure anything else.

Have more questions?
See the FAQ page.

If the links on this page do not work for some reason, please visit this page and follow step-by-step instructions.

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