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If you are involved in the world of blogging or online marketing, then you must learn about "blog mentions".  As Wiki would explain it;
A mention (also known as @replies or tagging, not to be confused with metadata tags or hashtags) is a means by which a blog post references or links to a user's profile. This may be done as a matter of getting the attention of (or drawing attention to) another user of a social networking or blogging service, as a matter of replying to the other user's post, or as a matter of "tagging" a user in a post (i.e., to say that "Jay Thompson was here"). As of 2012, no standard for mentioning a user in a blog post has been developed, and various approaches have been developed.
In the modern world of blogging, a "blog mention" simply refers to a log post where a website or user is named and linked.  For example, if in this post I said the best way to outsource your blog writing or automate your social media presence was through SEO Guru @NicholasCoriano ......that would be a "blog mention".

The theory is that once visitors or readers of a certain blog are on the post page, they can click on the links and be taken to the "blog mention" site.  The rise to prominence of Twitter from its launch in 2006 gave rise to using the At sign ("@") as a description for directing a public post to a particular user, especially for the purpose of replying to another user's post (i.e., "@janedoe"). Only after the usage of @ as a visual means of directing posts to specific users gained currency among Twitter users did Twitter developers begin to integrate the @ sign as a fundamental conversational tool on the site.  See Replies Are Now Mentions by Twitter to see how blog mentioning has progressed on the microblogging site.

Google has hopped on the game in a new way.  If you use Blogger to publish your blog, you can add a link to a Google+ profile or page when you want to mention someone in a post.

So how do you get your blog, website, twitter account or other social media account mentioned on another blog???  Well you can make friends with the blog owner, exchange blog post for blog post or just buy it.  Several blogs offer ways for you to get published on their blogs and freelance site like Fiverr offer plenty of blog owners willing to let you publish on their blog.

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