Automating Your Social Media: You've Worked HootSuite & TweetDeck But Should You Outsource Postings on Facebook Twitter and LinkedIN?

If you are trying to build an online presence and have not heard of HootSuite or are way behind.  These two platforms allow you to schedule tweets and post of Facebook Twitter and more!  They both have free versions and paid versions with more options.

The best way to describe these two platforms is not to describe it at all, go try it!!  Trust us, it is worth playing on for 30 minutes.  The question remains whether you should be outsourcing this work.

Experts disagree on the merits of farming out your social media monitoring. Real-time, constant monitoring is an absolute requirement for a responsible presence. The job demands a nuanced understanding of the customer and the brand, as well as knowledge of what events may be impacting the brand everywhere around the world, on every social platform where the brand lives.

Advocates of outsourcing contend that hired social media professionals can be loyal brand stewards, bring a greater attention to detail, and remain impervious to internal political battles that may impact the brand's reputation. But detractors claim that only experienced employees have the wherewithal to communicate with confidence and authority on brand issues by embodying the company culture and leveraging a vast network of workforce expertise.

I defend both points of view. Working with clients at PushYourRank and, I've learned: What it means to be proficient in social media monitoring and who is best equipped to do what.

I set up to supplement PushYourRank as a SEO and Social Media outsourcing company that makes it very easy for clients to embrace social media and have a strong voice on all your digital channels via automation.  The focus was to provide companies who see the value of the social connection, but are unable to dedicate employees to it on a full-time basis, a means to shine online.

But it's not so one sided all the time.  We take care of all the work, we optimize your messages, we monitor the reactions, and we reach out and respond directly with customers on your behalf.  But the more client input we have, the better.  I generally follow the process below when directing my clients:

Automating Social Media Outsourcing: The Process

  1. Choose your preferred plan: We offer 3 different plans to meet all of your needs: Starter/Premium/Pro
  2. Sign up for a 30-days trail with satisfaction guarantee: Test our service without any risk. We will assure social media traffic and return monthly and we are not done until you are completely satisfied with the results.
  3. Exchange relevant campaign data: You will complete a form with relevant data needed to start the campaign: Preferred starting date, definition of the social channel targets, names of competitors and so on.
  4. Campaign launches - 30 days: If needed, we will set up and design any social channels (Facebook, for example) for you. We will launch outreach campaign by targeting select social channels, and you will have the abilityto follow along. After 30 days, you will receive a detailed report about your campaign.
  5. Your decision: The campaign runs for 30 days. We are completely confident that you will love the service and the results. If you have any questions or wish to cancel at this time, we are happy to work with you and offer our money-back guarantee.

By following this process, my clients are effectively able to outsource there Social Media postings without sacrificing the quality of the content.

The bottom line, if you have 1 hour to spare a day and run a smaller operation, you can handle your own Social Media postings with HootSuite and/or TweetDeck.  But the option is around to make sure you have someone to call on when you need to expand promotions (and I am not alone).

As long as you respect the platforms you are on, automating the process of posting will lead to great return-on-investment.  This means you should NOT be using Twitter and Facebook to blast link after link of your website or product.  Do you watch the commercials on TV??  Well no one on Facebook wants to see your ad...rather, pose a question or launch a contest.  Same goes for twitter, generally those posting about something valuable or feeding people news or just great content get followers, likes, shares and retweets.

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The PushYourRank Team
Author: Nicholas Coriano

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