What is Cost per Impression (CPI)?

Cost per impression is a term used in Internet, online marketing.

Most companies that use the cost per impression method, or bloggers who write about the cost per impression method, usually abbreviate it as "CPI"

The term cost per impression refers to the amount of times an advertisement is seen by human eye balls, or buy a visitor online, and the cost related to that view. Is a service provider charges $1 per impression, then every time a view is made on your advertisements it will cost you $1. Thus the cost per impression, CPI, is $1

Cost per impression is a measuring tool used by advertising providers to measure how many people or impressions an advertisement has gained.

A website with traffic in essence has pageviews. A page on a website could have multiple advertisements on the right side bar, left sidebar, footer or header. If there are 4 ads, for example on the web page, each page view would be considered 4 impressions. This accounts for one impression per advertisement on the page.

The mathematical formula for CPI, or cost per impression is the Advertising cost ($) divided by the number of impressions or written:

Cost per impression ($)=Advertising cost ($)/ number of impressions

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