What is a Premium Branded Domain Name?

You may have heard or read our post on what is a Premium Domain Name, now a new term of art has appeared on the Internet: Premium Branded Domains

Just like a premium domain name, a premium branded domain name has been purchased by some party already and is not for purchase directly from companies like GoDaddy.com. The major difference is that a Premium Branded Domain Name has already been used in marketing efforts. These premium domain names already have a logo which is either trademarked or being claimed to be trademarked. Occasionally these premium domain names are branded by being placed on a blog where the logo can be seen. Some domain investors place these logos and articles over the web to begin SEO and back linking efforts. Some of these premium branded domain names are words which are marketable in certain categories, such as AmericanDropshipping.com, a branded domain name with a logo for sale.

Branded Domain Names are considered turnkey solutions by web developers and Internet companies. Persons that purchase branded domain names do not have the responsibilities of creating a logo or trade mark at times, and take advantage of the keywords usually listed in the dot com or URL.

BrandBucket.com, along with PushYourRank.com have pioneered the way in branding domain names. Corporations or individuals looking to quickly set up a branded company now have the ability to  set up a subsidiary brand overnight and promote themselves online as if the brand had been established long ago: because it was.

In short a premium branded domain name is in between a premium domain and an established website.
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Author: Nicholas Coriano

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