What is E-Commerce?

E-commerce is a term of Art on the Internet which stands for "Electronic Commerce"

While many definitions exist it generally stands for an industry where the buying and selling of products or services is made over electronic systems on the internet such as through a website or a computer network. Modern methods of e-commerce generally and tell the purchase of service or goods through a website, email, or other web portal.

E-commerce, has become synonymous with e-tailing, online stores, virtual store fronts and online retail.
Online website builders have you gone to provide e-commerce solutions for clients. These solutions allow users of the website builders to add products or services for sale on their website and give the option of a visitor visiting the website to purchase the good or service from the web property.

Companies like Volusion, Shopify and Bigcommerce are leading the way with turn-key e-commerce solutions software.

If you are looking to sell products or services online a simple Google search for e-commerce solutions or online retail stores will show you options you can utilize to accomplish this. PushYourRank also provide full service project management and e-commerce solutions. If you need assistance building your online store please email us at pushyourrank@gmail.com
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