How to add a page on your Volusion store?

Log onto your Volusion account.  And open your dashboard.  You should see the picture below.
As in the picture, scroll over the "Design" button on the top of the page, and scroll down to "Site Content" (What we have circled in red).  Click on the "Site Content" button.  The following page should appear (see picture below).  This page list your Website Content.
Click the "View List" button on the top right corner (circled in red in the picture above). This will list the "Articles" on your website.  Once you have clicked that button, you should see the screen below.
Click the "Add" button on the top of the right side of the page (as circled in red above).
Once you click that button, the following screen should appear as in below:
Okay breathe, you are almost halfway done.  To show you how this works, we a re using a real site, to show you how it works.  First add in Article Title, Article Caption, Article Body as shown below.  Then click the "Category ID" button and set it to "Other Article's", as circled below:
Once you have finished setting the category ID and filling out the boxes, press "SAVE" The orange button at the bottom of the page as in the picture above.  Once you press save, a button will appear underneath the "ADD+" Button that says "View Live Article Page", Once you click this button your Live Page should appear in another window in your browser.  For our example it loos like the following:
What we need from this page is the URL text, but only the end of the url, for example, it reads:, but we only need "/Articles.asp?ID=251"

Go back to the Dashboard screen.

At the top of the Dashboard, under the "Design" tab, you will find "File Editor", click on that button and you should come to the page below:
Click on the circled section above to edit the HTML, we are going to put the page we just created under the Company Information section in the footer of the website.  Once you have clicked on the button above, the page below should show up.
Scroll down until you see"
<!-- ==================== FOOTER =================== -->
 in the HTML...
Highlight what we have highlighted in the picture above.  The following is a close-up picture of the HTML.  Make a space under the last line and paste the copied section under the three existing sections.  
Like below:

Put in the title of your article, as well as the end portion of your link as we have done below in the highlighted section:

Click the orange "SAVE" button the the top right side of the page.  

That is it, click to view your live store front and it will appear on the bottom footer.  Hope this was helpful and if you need any more help, you can retain our services monthly or by project needs.  Email us at 

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Written by Nicholas Coriano
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Author: Nicholas Coriano

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