How do I test my website to assure multi Browser compatibility and visibility on mobile phones and portable tablets?

The browser you use to open your websites on the Internet may not be what someone else is using to view your website.  Most clients at PushYourRank have no problem getting a website up and running, but optimizing for search engine rankings and visibility is something totally different.  So how do you assure that your website is being viewed on all Internet browsers favorably?  Well there is the hard way and an easy way.

The Hard Way To Assure Your Website Works in Every Browser

It's simple, just download every browser available and test your website.  But wait, now you should test every mobile browser, so buy a few mobile phones and make sure your website works on every phone, on every carrier.  (Okay, you should understand by now that the Hard Way is not how you test your website on various on)

The Easy Way To Assure Your Website Works in Every Browser

No seriously, now this is simple.  Testize has created a simple solution for testing your website on mobile phones, tablets and multiple browsers at once.  The websites' software is simple to use, simply type in your website URL and Testize will show you how your website appears on several Internet and Mobile Browsing Platforms.  Thank goodness for software developer junkies :)  Now there is no reason why you shouldn't at least know how you appear on another search engine or browser.  The service is free, but they do have a paid service for enterprises or developers looking for cross browser compatibility testing 

Why Every Website Owner Should Test Their Website in Multiple Browsers

In the world on SEO work, the first hing you want to assure is that your website is even visible.  Just because you can see it does not mean the world can see it.  And now, the world is going mobile. The world is not just made up of one Internet Browser anymore (see stats at the end of the article).  The following data is from Jan 2013 from an article written on
Mobile Operating System (based on browsing): Android: 39% (up 2%) iOS: 49% (up 8%) Blackberry: 3% (down 6%) Windows: 1.3% (up 0.4%) Despite the large number of people buying Android phones, iPhones are still more likely to be browsing your site. Blackberry continues to plummet and Windows Mobile isn’t gaining much traction yet. Keep in mind these numbers are for North America and would likely show higher Android numbers for other markets. 
Mobile Browsing vs. Desktop Browsing: 13% mobile (up 5%) 13% of the market share is mobile phones. That doesn’t include tablets. If you did the total would be 19%. This is why it is so important to have a mobile strategy for your website. Source:
The Conclusion

If you own a website and you want to be seen, make sure your website works on all browsers.  While many software sites claim to provide you with solutions, Testize Beta offers the easiest most reliable solution for testing a websites' browser compatibility.  You can visit Testize at or by clicking this link.

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Author: Nicholas Coriano

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