How To Make Money Online: The Utility Business Model

If you own a website or blog and are looking on how to make money, then this article and the series on "How To Make Money Online" by is for you.  In this post we will explain one of the several models on how to make money online: The Utility Model.

The Utility Model is something like the subscriber model.  The principle is based on a "pay as you go approach", some have called it metering usage.  Like paying your electric bill or water bill, you pay for what you use as opposed to simply being a subscriber.  Most commonly metering in the USA is used for services like the telephone, water, electricity, etc....where the user pays for the amount of product or service used.  Unlike the subscriber model where the subscriber pays a one time fee, a monthly fee, or a yearly fee and is free to use all the website information or services at their leisure, The Utility Model makes a user pay as they go for what they have used, when they use it.

For example, if a website blog or portal has 10,000 pages of content that an Internet user needs or wants, then the owner of the website can charge per page or category.  Some blogs/websites will allow a Utility Subscriber to view categories or pages for a fee, for example, charging you $1 per page accessed as opposed to a lump sum for access to all pages.
Metered Subscriptions: in this case subscribers purchase access to content in metered portions (e.g., numbers of pages viewed)

 Internet service providers (ISPs) may operate as utilities, charging customers for connection minutes (in Germany: Internet call-by-call or in USA: when a service like Skype charges you for talking online minute-by-minute).  Its success depends on the ability to charge by the byte, including micro payments (that is, those too small to pay by credit card due to processing fees).  Many professional, legal, and medical programs and software (just to name a few) use the utility model to charge customers.  While the success of this model is still in it's infancy stages, it is a model to be known.

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