How To Make Money Online: The Web Affiliate Business Model

Affiliate Marketing is another way the Internet is calling "The Web Affiliate Business Model", one of the ways to make money online.  This is a performance based marketing structure where the you, the advertiser, gets paid for sending traffic to websites, blogs, or locations on the Internet via clickable links.

How The Affiliate Marketing Business Model Works

  1. You sign up for a commission based affiliate marketer, which pays you for company links that generate traffic.
  2. You choose from companies and websites that have links available.  these companies usually quote how much you will be paid per 100 visitors coming to their website via you link.  
  3. You place the business and website links on your blog, website, facebook, twitter, or anywhere else online that you have access.
  4. The affiliate marketing program keeps track of the clicks to the advertisers website and you get paid once you meet a certain amount of clicks.
So let's say the owner of wanted to drive traffic to their website.  They would sign up to one of the commission based affiliate marketing programs (listed at the end of this post) and create links or banners.  One could look like "Branded Domains For Sale: LIMITED TIME ONLY!!!". would advertise to you, the affiliate marketer, the price you will be paid per click; it would look something like this: $10.99 cpm or $10.99 100 clicks.  You would copy and paste the link, which would have a code placed inside of it, so instead of your link looking like it would look something like showcases your number or code so the company can keep track that you are the one to be paid after a certain amount of clicks.  

The links are used in many advertising models and placed on many avenues of the Internet including but not limited to:
  • Internet Press Releases
  • Facebook & Twitter Posts
  • Emails
  • Blogs & Websites
  • Pictures on Pintrests and within articles (Some links are pictures!)
  • Online classifieds 
  • Stumble Upon and other social media outlets

This is the stuff that dreams are made of....or is it?  Making money online is not easy if you do not know what you are doing, and even harder when you do not know who to trust.  There are many affiliate marketing companies offering high commission for Pay Per Click programs, but weeding them out is your first priority.  Read credible reviews and if you can get a hold of someone who has actually made money in the sector, this is even better.  As of lately there are many blogs offering direct affiliate marketing.  This means you know how is paying you and some pay you upfront for certain banners put on blogs or links sent through high traffic social media outlets.

Tips on weeding out affiliate marketers

  • Email them and see how prompt they respond, if you don't get a response, be sure that you are barking up the wrong tree.
  • If there is no way to track traffic on the links you place, you won't know when you are making money; this is a red flag.
  • Are the blog posts on the website current?  Do they post regular webinars?  If not, you can assure that any customer service is just as out of reach.
The leader by far is Google Adwords, which does not allow you to chose your links, but allows you to place code inside your website or blog which generates revenues per click.  Like most affiliate programs, Google will discontinue any affiliate who illegally generates traffic to their links or advertising.  What is determined to be illegal depends on the affiliate marketing program you join, but for the most part bots which open up links or traffic exchanges are a NO NO!

The key to success is natural niche active traffic, and of course a reliable high paying commission advertiser.  

To see a full list of affiliate advertising programs and learn more about affiliate marketing, click on this link.  

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Author: Nicholas Coriano

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