Tactics to Creating a Social Media Strategy Within Using The S.O.S.T.A.C. Marketing Model

If you do not know the SOSTAC® marketing model, you should get familiar. Created by PR Smith, the SOSTAC® Planning System is a simple yet powerful planning system. It contains all the ingredients vital for the perfect plan. Whether a blue chip, like IBM and BT, or a smaller business, professionals who discover SOSTAC® embrace it for life.  IF you do not have a copy of his E-Book, you should get one.

A client has recently asked us to write a Social Media and SEO Plan, as we obliged, in this post we share with you a portion within the "Tactics" section.  In this plan, written by PushYourRank.com founder Nicholas Coriano, the client is a Tile/Mosiac/Material Broker named Alchemy Materials.  The goals was to generate phone calls and potential clients to contact the company with a limited budget, and increase natural organic search within the company website.  Here is a snippet of The Marketing Plan:

TACTICS: How Exactly Do We Get There?

• Backlinking to on-site pages with calls to action
• Meta-Tagging (only 1%)
• Commenting on other relevant forums with calls to action
• Article Writing with calls to action
• Publishing
• Responding to comments from “calls to action”
• SEO Optimized Press Releases with calls to action

Social Networking Mix
• Blog: A blog will be started (either on the current website or on one of the many free blog websites).  Articles will be published every Thursday 5pm eastern on the blog.  Each blog post will have at least 500 words, all original content, one unique photograph hyperlinked to another page on the website, three text hyperlinks to other pages on the website and off website; and pintrest/facebook links at the end of each post.
• Facebook: A Facebook will be started.  Administration duties will be outsourced.  Each post will engage users by asking a question, propose an idea, take surveys, and sign-up forms.  Content will mainly be pictures of tiles, mosaics, stones, marbles, and other materials sold by the company.  Additional post picture will be work done by clients so to engage already existing client base into our Social Media Strategy.   Each post will have a link and/or call-to-action to encourage social media users to contact the company.   All friends of company executes will make the first round of likes on the Facebook Page and the second round of likes will be targeted on Facebook Ads to profiles whom have liked similar pages.  Post on this account should happen three to four times a week with one post per week being non-business related.
• PinTrest: A Pintrest account will be started.  Here we will share client work, other designers work, articles and pictures on tile, Mosaic, marble, and other materials.  The best time to Pin your pictures is Friday at 3pm Eastern Time Also, most pins that go viral on Pintrest will also appear on Facebook and other Social Media Platforms, giving you twice the bang for the buck.  Post on this account will happen twice a week.
• Twitter:  A twitter account will be started.  Here we will tweet links on relevant material news, designer and architect links, and semi-frequent links to sections of our websites with calls-to-action.  Tweets will be daily.

The next section of the Social Media and SEO Plan is The Action Section; The detail of Tactics. SOSTAC® is a registered trade mark of PR Smith. More information at www.prsmith.org.

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Author: Nicholas Coriano

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