What are 2013 Sales Numbers for E-Commerce Web Merchants (Online Sales)?

Many clients, customers, and tech peers we encounter commonly ask The PushYourRank.com Team how much they can make owning an online store.  While the statistics vary, InternetRetailer.com takes surveys of the industry giants.  They reported:

The 88 web-only merchants that have provided Internet Retailer with 2012 sales figures thus far grew sales 25.8% to $79.2 billion last year from $63.0 billion in 2011. By comparison the 198 web-only merchants in the current edition of the Top 500 Guide are also the fastest-growing segment, with sales up 31.8%, to $73.4 billion in 2011 from $55.7 billion in 2010.

The total group of 180 retailers that have so far provided data for the upcoming guide grew web sales in 2012 by 20.9%, to $121.9 billion from $100.8 billion in 2011. That is only slightly ahead of last year’s total Top 500 growth, which was 20.4%.

The web-only retailers that have reported sales for the upcoming edition are responsible for 77.0% of the sales growth for the 180 merchants reporting sales so far. Though, without Amazon.com Inc., they are driving 40.0% of it. 
After web-only retailers, consumer brand manufacturers are the next-fastest growing type of merchants. The 17 retailers in that category that have provided sales numbers collectively grew online revenue 17.2%, to $3.6 billion in 2012 from $3.1 billion in 2011.  
The market for E-commerce and online retail sales are still in the infancy stages.  The number of Volusion stores opening a year continues to grow.  Will the market get flooded?  Fine tuning, marketing, and website maintenance continue to weigh financially on E-commerce newbies, but compared to the brick and mortar sector, there is room to grow.

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Author: Nicholas Coriano

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