Mapping Out a Successful SEO Strategy for Sales, Leads, and Awareness

The key to success in any venture is having a plan.  Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.) is no different and those whom en-devour into trying to increase their page rank without some sort of strategy are doomed from the beginning.  While we here at PushYourRank offer consulting on all aspects of PPC and SEO campaigns, we strive to be the leader of relevant information, free to the public, on how to improve all aspects of your Internet and Online ventures.

Mapping Out an SEO Strategy has Many Factors

When you begin to write your plan to increase your page rank, know that there are many factors involved and you may need all of them, or just some of them.  You should figure out a strategy for SEO tactics on your website AND off your website.  Code editing or HTML editing may be necessary and you must determine if you will handle this process in-house or externally; all things you should lay out before starting a SEO or PPC campaign.  Keyword analysis should be done carefully to optimize your search engine efforts and not deplete your entire budget on bidding wars for high priced or search keywords.  Links that aim potential customers to your site should also at times be optimized with your keywords and determining what blogs or website forums to post these links is just as important to SEO efforts as placing the links themselves.  

Create The Optimal Map for Solid Search Engine Results

Why write what a picture can say, The SEO Strategy Map:

Tip for Generating Sales, Leads, and Awareness in a SEO Strategy

  • Focus on exactly "what" you are trying to accomplish when designing the SEO Strategy Map.  If you are looking for sales, make sure you have a semi-sales pitch ready for blog articles and "calls to action" in your sales pages on your website.  
  • Carefully pick your keywords.  Keywords that are being chased by the majority may not boost favorable results in SEO efforts if you can not compete adequately.  It may be the case that your SEO efforts will come easier if you choose a high quantity of lower searched words.  
  • Content and Uniqueness are everything!  If you are selling spelling books and you mis-spell something, you may have trouble selling this product.  Make sure the content you write and release are pertinent and unique so search engines will find it easier.     
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